El Niño Coffee Blend



The ultimate filter blend.


Perhaps the strongest influence on Australia’s year-to-year climate; our seasons are at the mercy of El Niño. As our nations weather pattern evolves, so too does our El Niño blend. 


For El Niño, we carefully source selected coffees currently in season, and focus on accentuating the coffee’s crisp flavours, bringing out the bright acidity and mild body of the coffee through a light roast, and creating the perfect filter blend.


El Niño is the ultimate coffee for Aeropress, Aeropress Go, V60 and Clever Dripper coffee brewers.


Flavour NotesPlum + Honey + Orange
Roast DegreeLight
BlendSeasonal Blend
Strength1 / 5
Caffeine3 / 5
Acidity4 / 5
Sweetness4 / 5


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Terrific for Aeropress

This is everything claimed—great flavour for my daily Aeropress (which has been hard to find in other beans that are often made for espresso). Also, great price and efficient delivery. Very happy with first batch and am now continuing customer. Thank you. :)

Jessica G
LOVE this coffee.

Great Coffee have purchased multiple times now, and will purchase again.

John Campbell
Love El Niño for aeropress

Have bought at least 10 bags of El Niño over the past year. It is great for black aeropress coffee and I have up to 3 a day. Recently we ran out of EN and needed to use some back up beans from the supermarket shelf. It was a good reminder about how good the EN beans are. Not bitter, not dark or strong. Just perfect for black filter, aeropress, drip and pour over. We used to buy our premium beans from another roaster, but the cost was over $50 + $10 postage. Nuddy is as good as the best coffee we’ve had, and has free postage. They always give you a code for 20% off your next order. So 1kg of beans costs us $44, whereas we used to pay up to $65.
Strongly recommend nuddy in general and this product in particular.

Definitely my favourite beans at the moment!

I can't say enough positive things about Nuddy's: great service and great coffee. Thanks!

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