Nuddy Coffee

Broken Hill


New South Wales’ “Silver City” is the unofficial capital of the Australian Outback. Rugged, rustic and harsh terrain make the region isolated but robust.

The strongest coffee in our line-up, we capture Broken Hill’s robustness through a combination of two intense, high-quality arabica and robusta coffee varieties. We roast these coffees dark to match the Broken Hill landscape, drawing out unique flavours of peanut butter, cocoa and caramel. Broken Hill appeals to coffee connoisseurs that love thick coffee crema and enjoy more caffeine in their shot.

Flavour notes
Peanut Butter + Cocoa + Caramel

Roast degree

Brew with
Espresso, Stovetop, Plunger, Aeropress

Arabica + Robusta Blend


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Wayne Kent
Great Coffee

Really nice, smooth and rich. Fast delivery online

Simon Newnham

Broken Hill

Cliff Carden

Not bad but still not as strong as l would like my coffee to be but by increasing the amount of ground coffee into my plunger l can compensate for it would l by it again yes l would

Jo Ronaldson

Finally found a coffee that suits both my partner and I. We drink it black, so very fussy. Nuddy Coffee….perfect.

ian jefferys
A long awaited brew

I have been waiting to find a roast that fulfilled the maximum desires I have regarding a cup of coffee. It's been years of chop and change with various suppliers. Here I have all I want.... full bitterness...distinctively smooth, lingering aftertaste that is the the essence of a good roast.Some may like it more powerful but this upper middle of the road bunch of flavours add up to a very satisfying cup of very sippable coffee.. thankyou Nuddy...I am looking forward to you providing the same quality from now on. Well done!
Ian jefferys

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