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Aeropress Classic Starter Pack


The advantage of the Aeropress Classic is its versatility, clean and flavourful brew, durability, portability and easy cleaning. Also, it's plain cool and fun to use! Join the coffee conosseur club with this starter pack that comes with a bag El Niño- coffee created esspecially for the Aeropress.


Starter Kit Contains:
- 1 x AeroPress Coffee maker (Latest Model in Stock)

- Chamber
- Plunger
- Filter
- Cap
- Paddle
- Scoop

- 1 x 350 Micro Filters for AeroPress or the equivalent of a years supply
- 1 x freshly roasted bag of our El Niño Seasonal Blend in 200g! 

How to brew coffee with the Aeropress

Here is a step by step brew guide video. Learn how to make a delicious coffee using an Aeropress.



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