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Organic Decaf Coffee Blend


Australia's best decaf coffee. 

You love coffee but, for one reason or another, just don’t want the hit of caffeine that comes with it. Our Single Origin Organic Decaf is revolutionary in the coffee game, roasted medium-dark to accentuate the full flavours, ensuring it tastes like real coffee without skipping a (heart)beat.

We source an organic, sustainably grown and harvested bean from Mexico, decaffeinated using the 'au naturel' Mountain Water Process from Descamex in Mexico. It involves the use of natural mountain waters from Pico De Orizaba - one of the largest mountains in Mexico, to create steam for a pressurised caffeine-extraction environment, keeping the coffee completely free of chemical residues in the bean. More information can be found here.

This coffee can be enjoyed black or with your preferred choice of milk.

Flavour Notes Molasses + Spices + Apple
Roast Degree Medium
Origin Mexico
Strength 2 / 5
Caffeine 0 / 5
Acidity 1 / 5
Sweetness 3 / 5

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Michael O
Best Decaf….EVER

I’ve gone to Decaf because of Arial Fibrillation issues but I still want to enjoy my coffee. Lucky for me I found “Nuddy Decaf” and I’ve never looked back. My daily brew or two still has that coffee kick I look forward too. Thank you NUDDY COFFEE

Best decaf coffee!!

To be honest, I didn't really expect much but now it is my favorite!!

Steve Baker
Loving This

I actually enjoy this more than cafinated coffee now
Thanks Nuddy, for making such a great decaf

Becky Trilsbach
I’m Converted.

Thank you for helping me quit caffeine. Knowing I had this to look forward to in the morning was everything. Only problem for my situation is that I live rurally and would like to buy a bigger sized pack to last longer and keep packaging to a minimum, but I’ll contact you directly to see if this is possible. Thanks again!

Andrew Ward
Awesome Decaf

Thoroughly enjoying my first Nuddy purchase!

Is our Decaf Chemical-Free?

When it comes to our Single Origin Organic Decaf, our new customers are always asking us "how is your coffee decaffeinated?" and "is your decaf chemical-free?" The short answer to both of these questions is YES! Our decaffeinated coffee originates from a plantation in Mexico, decaffeinated using pure natural mountain water only, so you can enjoy your coffee stress & caffeine-free without any harmful toxins or chemicals. Other decaffeinated coffee alternatives, particularly from international brands, can contain chemicals used in their decaffeination process such as methylene chloride without having to disclose this on their packaging. However, this additive is not actually necessary to create decaf coffee and natural water-based processes can be used instead.

Mountain Water Decaffeination Process

While there are still many chemical-based decaffeination processes used and considered to be harmless, the Mountain Water Process is one of the safest decaffeination methods as it uses pure glacier water from the largest mountain in Mexico. This process was invented and patented by a Mexico-based company.


Mountain Water Process involves sourcing the natural mountain water from Pico De Orizaba. They use this pure water to create steam and a pressurised environment to extract the caffeine from the coffee. This natural and environmentally-friendly process leaves a full-flavoured coffee without any chemical residue, which is exactly how we prefer our decaf.

Mexico El Tucan Organic

In the state of Chiapas, you'll find Mexico's largest and oldest coffee-producing regions - some farms can look back on a historical record of more than a hundred years. The region is surrounded by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and divided into various microclimates thanks to the lush mountain slopes of the Sierra Madre Chiapas. This results in a wide range of coffee bean profiles, each with its own unique flavour. We source our coffee from a number of small producers within the area, who grow and harvest organically. The coffee beans from Chiapas are typically very well balanced, with a medium body and acidity. They often have notes of chocolate, caramel, and nuts. Our decaf coffee is no different - it's rich and full-flavoured, with a smooth texture and no bitter aftertaste. We roast this coffee medium-dark to accentuate the sweetness and natural flavours of molasses, cocoa, spices, and apple. Shop our best-selling, delicious Single Origin Organic Decaf Coffee here.

Chemical-Free Decaf Coffee FAQs

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