Clever Coffee Dripper | Starter Pack

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The Clever Coffee Dripper is a simple and reliable coffee brewer. It's made of durable BPA-free plastic and is easy to disassemble for cleaning. The coffee that comes from the Clever Coffee Dripper is extraordinarily balanced in almost every way.  It has the rich flavour of a french press and the clean body of a pour-over – an approachable middle ground; medium body and medium acidity.


Like all filter cone brewing methods, you directly control the water temperature, water to coffee ratio and the infusion time. The brewing process is painless and consistent, requiring very little effort. It’s perfect for newcomers looking for a forgiving brewer as well as coffee enthusiasts who love an easy-made cup of delicious coffee.


  • Balanced Immersion Coffee - Produces coffee that’s extraordinarily well-rounded with a medium body, medium acidity, and rich flavour.
  • Simple, Consistent Brewing - The brewing process is forgiving, consistent, and simple without compromising flavour.
  • Nearly Indestructible - Built with light, yet durable BPA-Free Eastman Tritan plastic to last a lifetime.
  • Effortless Cleanup - Drop the filter and coffee in the garbage and give the brewer a quick rinse and scrub for an easy, painless cleanup.



MaterialBPA-Free Eastman Tritan Plastic
Dimensions105 x 105 x 15.5mm
Capacity525 mL
CompatibilityCups or servers with rim diameters between 380mm and 950mm


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Ching Wei

Clever Coffee Dripper | Starter Pack

Matt Geary
great bundle, odd bean choice

Clever dripper is a great product and really easy to use. We wanted one so we could get a really nice cup in the morning without too much effort. This bundle is pretty good value too, you essentially get the dripper at a discount alongside some papers and a bag of beans.

The only reason I'm dropping a star is because the bean choice is really weird. The dripper is better suited to light roasts, and the blend provided a dark roast suited to espresso or French press. I also missed the part where it says the beans are pre-ground, which was disappointing on arrival. I can see how it's more convenient though I would have chosen whole beans if I had the chance.

I ended up buying this with the a bag of el Nino (one of the light roasts) which was much better in the dripper.

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