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Plunger Starter Pack


Wanting to get brewing? Or are you looking for a gift to beat any other and just keep giving, every single day?

A French press (or plunger) is great for getting that perfect cup on a busy morning... it only needs a few minutes to brew! The Bodum Caffettiera French Press Coffee Maker incorporates classic style and delicious aromatic coffee.

As well as the Bodum plunger, this pack includes a 200g bag of our Kings Canyon blend, which we roasted for french press plunger brewers in mind!

Starter Kit Contains:
- 1 x Bodum 8-Cup Caffettiera French Press Coffee Maker
- 1 x freshly roasted bag of our Kings Canyon blend in 200g!

We will grind this coffee for you to use in your new plunger unless you specify that you'd like whole beans in the shopping cart's note section.

 Features of the Bodum Caffettiera French Press Coffee Maker:
- Brews up to 8 cups (1L) of coffee
- Durable, chrome-plated steel frame; black plastic lid and handle; easy-to-clean glass carafe
- Three-part stainless-steel press mechanism
- Dishwasher safe
- Made from borosilicate glass which is heat-resistant


How to brew coffee with a Plunger

Here is a step by step brew guide video.

Learn how to make a delicious coffee using a Plunger at home.



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