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Hario Coffee Mill Slim Pro

$89 $94.50

The new design of the Slim Pro Coffee Mill features a ceramic grinder burr and a reinforced hexagonal crank handle.

When using the previous Slim Plus, the grind size had to be adjusted from the top of the grinder, after taking off the handle and the stopper.

Using the Slim Pro, the grind size is adjusted from the bottom of the burr set. To adjust, simply unscrew the glass container from the bottom. On the bottom of the burr set, turn the knob left or right to adjust, holding the crank handle to keep the burrs stable.

- Reinforced hexagonal crank handle
- Transparent lid
- Easily detachable coffee ground catcher
- Burr stopper to stabilise during grinding
- Slim and compact design

- Washer, Shaft cover, Inner burr holder, Grind adjustment knob: Nylon
- Inner hopper: Polypropylene
- Handle: Aluminum diecast, Polypropylene
- Spring, Shaft, Grind adjustment nut, Outer hopper, Bottle: Stainless steel
- Burr: Ceramic
- Lid grip: Silicone rubber
- Lid: Methacrylate resin

Dimensions: (w)150mm x (d)74mm x (h)210mm

Capacity: 24g ground coffee

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