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Aeropress Go Complete Bundle


Have you heard about the Aeropress from a serious coffee brewer and now want to get going yourself? Or are you looking for a gift to beat any other and just keep giving, every single day?

This badass gadget is one of the kind in the coffee world and this is the best way to get started with it! It's innovative & easy to use, plus demands instant respect from any good barista. Whether you're on an adventure or at home or work we bet you'll love tasting your smooth, rich coffee brew.⠀

As well as the AeroPress Go this pack includes a 200g bag of our latest El Niño coffee bean blend. We've roasted this coffee for AeroPress Go brewers in mind!

Complete Bundle Contains:
- 1 x AeroPress Go Coffee maker kit
- 1 x Rhino Hand Grinder
- 1 x Rhino 2kg Bench Scale
- 1 x freshly roasted bag of our El Niño Seasonal Blend in 200g!

How to brew coffee with the Aeropress

Here is a step by step brew guide video. Learn how to make a delicious coffee using an Aeropress.



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