Acaia Pearl 2021 Brewing Scale | White

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The Acaia Pearl Brewing Scale is a highly-responsive, accurate device and and absolute coffee-lover accompaniment for anyone vying for that perfect coffee. With a real-time flow-rate indicator, this visual tool teaches you to control your pouring in real time, improving your overall brewing abilities, achieving desired extraction ratios every time.


Built robust to industry standards, the Pearl is for every serious coffee brewer and designed to last. Essential brewing modes such as Dual Display mode, Auto-Start Timer mode, Beverage mode and more.


  • 20 Millisecond Response Time - No reading delay means more accurate brewing.
  • Reads Every 0.1 Gram - No more winging it. Now you can brew with precision like a pro.
  • Embedded Stopwatch - The scale counts time so you don’t have to.
  • Rechargeable Battery - Just plug it in and you’re set.
  • Auto Power Options - Customize the auto-off setting in the app.
  • Supporting Apps - Change settings, see your pouring rate, and share your recipes with the Acaia apps.


  • Acaia Pearl Brewing Scale - White
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Acaia Heat Insulation Pad - Black


160 x 160 x 32mm
Weight462g (approx.)
Measures inGrams / Ounces
Capacity4.4 lbs / 2kg

Updates to the Acaia Pearl 2021 version include a faster and more responsive display, real-time flow indicator above the display, the much-welcomed USB-C charger, and optimized sunlight readability; still with all the favourite modes and flawless design. 

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