Espresso machine cleaning tips 

Follow these steps to clean your espresso machine and brew better tasting coffee.


Step 1 - a) Remove the group handle and basket b) Clean thoroughly


Step 2 - Put a small amount of cafetto in a clean cup and pour hot water


Step 3 - a) Take off the shower screen and screw 

b) Put them into the cafetto solution:

Step 4 - Put the blind filter screen on the group handle


Step 5 - a) Put a small amount of cafetto in the blind filter screen b) put into the group head 


Step 6 - Press 1st and 3rd buttons at the same time, and hold them until the backflush is activated (2nd button starts flashing):



Step 7 - Once the back-flush is completed, wipe the group head with a wet cloth and a group head brush


Step 8 - Rinse the shower screen and screw and put them back on the grouphead


Step 9 - Repeat process for every group head