Follow these steps and tips to make a perfect espresso every time



Step 1 - a) Take off the group handle


b) Purge the shower screen

Step 2 - a) Remove the old coffee puck (the used coffee grounds) from the portafilter


b) Clean the basket with a dry cloth



Step 3 - Put the group handle on the scale and tare to zero


Step 4 - a) Place the group handle under the grinder chamber and b) Press the double cup button




Step 5 - Put the group handle back on the scales and make sure it weighs 20 grams (adjust weight for different basket sizes)


Step 6 - Distribute the coffee until it's nice and flat


Step 7 - a) Tamp with a medium amount of pressure


b) Make sure the bed is nice and flat


Step 8 - Gently put the group handle into the group head


Step 9 - Press the double cup button


Step 10 - Shot time should be 25 seconds (+/- 3 seconds)






Coffee comes out too quick/fast

Adjust the grinder to finer.

Coffee comes out too slow

Adjust the grinder to coarser (1 notch will increase/decrease the shot time by 2 seconds)


Coffee comes out from one side only

This means that the coffee is uneven in the basket. Make sure the coffee is nice and flat before tamping.


Tamping the coffee bed incorrectly



Make sure to tamp evenly and flat