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The stainless steel DISK Coffee Filter by Able is a reusable filter designed to be used with the AeroPress® Coffee Maker. This allows more oils and a fuller-bodied cup of coffee when used with the AeroPress®. Eliminates the need for paper filters, which is especially convenient when travelling.


The fine disk, with a 006 micron, produces a very sweet clean cup of coffee with very little fines to none at all. It is thinner (1/3 of the Standard) and should be handled with care as bending/damage is more likely.


  • 100% environmentally friendly - eliminates the need for one-use paper filters, making your Aeropress routing eco-friendly without compromise. Even the packaging is 100% post consumer recycled cardboard
  • Smooth, clean coffee - the mesh of the filter reduces sediment, allowing only the natural oils through for a smooth, clean brew
  • No flavour loss - paper filters can absorb some of the coffees natural oils, diluting the flavour profile and aroma. The stainless steel purely acts as a barrier between the ground sediment and your cup, no flavour lost.
  • Fits AeroPress® Classic
  • Designed and made in USA by Able Brewing

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Daniel Ryan

Great product, and being reusable helps reduce landfil


Able DISK Coffee Filter (Fine)

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